How to get Automatic Retweets with Contests

News 05:05 May 2024:

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One way to feel like you are in control on twitter is by organizing contests for your followers. It is a great way to get retweets instantly and in plenty, especially if you do things the right way. Contests of pictures and voting can make the online site go on frenzy, and good contests based on hot topics can generate retweets and likes in the hundreds almost immediately. Photos work best because all your followers are supposed to do is vote by retweeting their favorite picture.

Contests about making captions are also a great idea towards getting hundreds of automatic retweets.People come up with captions of all kinds, and the funny ones under a hash tag you came up with can really make you feel popular. Sweepstake contests, video contest and essay contests can also create a buzz among you followers and their friends too. When you put a prize on top of the contests, your little stardom can hit your city by storm and make your hash tags the trendiest ones in the area.

If you are a constant Twitter user, you might have wondered how to effectively know your performance is by knowing and understanding how you perform through your Twitter retweet.  This for even those who are on Twitter daily might seem like a little tall order.  What you need to do is to fully know the number of people you are following and who your followers are.  You do not expect your Tweet to perform well if you rarely get in touch with your followers.  What many people rarely get to know is Twitter only get to show you 100 retweets, the rest rarely get to be shown.

What really makes your retweets stand out?  This is a question that has left many baffled.  The simple truth is that over the last few years the Twitter platform has adequately provided the ‘add comment’ feature.   This in essence is a good feature and many people rarely get to use it.  But the real truth is that it gives you a better platform to showcase why you are retweeting a particular tweet.  This if you care to check should be your chance to make a difference.  You are at any time given about about 116 characters to make yourself clear and be heard.

All Twitter retweet messages with comments always are known to have a higher number of viewers.  It is therefore important that you do not ignore this feature; it can change your outlook on the social media platform.  One more thing, if you are unable to use the feature, you have the option of doing so manually, it is equally easy and gives you the option to be heard.  Retweeting in itself allow others or your followers to share a post that was not sent to them.  It is proper to show that whatever tweet you are sending is a retweet.

A lot of people get credit for tweets that were not theirs by failing to indicate that the tweet in question is a retweet.  The easiest way to do so is to effectively indicate “RT’ at the beginning.  This is a gentler way of not taking credit but passing a re-post from another person.  Some people choose to lock their tweets and if you have been keen enough, you might have seen locked tweets by the sign of a “padlock’.  There are others who find it a great offence if other people retweets their posts and therefore have them locked.  If that is the case move on any find others to re-post.

Lastly, most people fail to indicate “RT” in their retweets but this in essence should not worry you.   The retweet  icon is normally shown to your followers.  It is worth noting that each time you re-post or retweet, the original individual who sent the tweet gets to know through notifications.  Social media etiquette requires that for each retweet make sure your followers get to know that you are not the originator of the post in question.  It is manly and a gentler way of getting credit on social media platform.